“Served with soup or salad (choice of dressing)”
*Soup or salad not included with take-out orders

Shrimp Enchiladas


Flour tortilla filled with shrimp, topped with tomatillo sauce & cotija cheese. Served with sour cream , rice & refried beans.

Fish Tacos


Two flour tortillas filled with grilled white fish, topped w/ shredded cabbage & pico de gallo. Served with chipotle sauce, whole beans & rice.

Camarones Rancheros


Shrimp or Fish in sauce with spices, tomatoes and bell peppers. Served with refried beans & rice.

Camarones a la Diabla


Shrimp or Fish covered in a spicy Mexican a la diabla sauce, tomatoes & bell peppers. Served with refried beans and rice.

Caldo De Camaron


Delicious shrimp soup seasoned with the house recipe with corn chips on the side.

Shrimp Cocktail


Shrimp in a spicy tomato juice soup mixed with onion, cilantro and avocado

Tacos de Camarones


Two soft flour tortillas topped with chipotle sauce, grilled shrimp, lettuce, salsa pico de gallo & cheese served with rice and whole beans.

Camarones a la Plancha


Shrimp sautéed in season butter, laid over a bed vegetables,served with rice, whole beans & guacamole


Pescado a La Plancha 


Grill fish fillet served with rice, whole beans, & grilled veggie fajitas, pico de gallo & guacamole


Steak & Shrimp


New York steak fillet grilled with plump shrimp (Rancheros or Diabla).


Tostadas de Ceviche


Fish or Shrimp cooked in lime juice with onions, tomatoes & cilantro on a flat corn shell (Shrimp Ceviche+$1.00 More)


Fish Enchiladas


A corn tortilla filled with white fish, topped with chipotle sauce and jack cheese. Served with rice & beans and queso fresco on top. 


Enchiladas Baja


Two flour tortillas filled with grilled white fish & grilled shrimp. Topped with
tomatillo & chipotle sauce. Jack
cheese served with rice. refried beans, avocado y queso. 


Chile Relleno Shrimp


Homemade chile relleno filled with grilled shrimp. Topped with ranchero sauce. Served win rice. refried beans &
queso fresco on top


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